Etsy Finds – Fashion Week Runway Report

Natural Hair Accessories Gold Headband

"L'Egyptienne" by Boutique De Bandeaux

Exciting news!  Yesterday the shop was featured in latest Etsy Finds e-mail! The day’s focus was on items suitable for NYC’s upcoming Spring Fashion Week ’11 and our gold knot headband made the cut. For those of you who missed it, you can view it as a webpage here.












A few items down in the same e-mail you might notice another fabulous naturalista modeling a black and gold tee. That’s MilitiA from the band, Swear on Your Life!  Coincidentally, my boyfriend had the pleasure of interviewing her awhile back about her music for his metal blog. Small world, right?

MilitiA modeling for 1AEON

MilitiA for 1AEON

The hair is killer! You can check for more of MilitiA’s rocker chic style and edgy sound on the Swear on Your Life site.

Now if you aren’t signed up for the Etsy Finds e-mail, I’m going to have to go ahead and strongly suggest that you subscribe using the above link. It’s honest to goodness like receiving free eye candy in your inbox everyday. ❤


2 Responses to Etsy Finds – Fashion Week Runway Report

  1. Sarah says:

    OMG I love your hair! I wear my hair natural too. What do you do to your hair to make the curls so defined? (What do you use on it?)

  2. Thanks for your comment! That’s actually one of my models, Erin. I asked her to respond to your question and this was her answer:
    “Thank you for the compliment! My hair is really hit or miss. I really have no magic product or routine. However, I guess I’ve gotten in the habit of not conditioning my hair the day I want curls or definition. Usually, I just condition once or twice a week. But if I know I want my hair to look as it did for the shoot I’ll condition my hair the day before then shampoo the day of. But I definitely won’t condition the day of because I find my hair gets too floppy. Also, if I can stand it, I let my hair air dry because sometimes wrapping my hair in a towel pulls out the curls.”

    Hope that helps!

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