Teaching a Child to Love Their Natural Hair!

In honor of Natural Hair Trending Day on Twitter, I thought this blog might help some natural bellas who are struggling to get their children to embrace their hair. As black women, we know how hard it is to maintain a healthy level of self esteem while a barrage of outside influences tell us we are not the standard of beauty.  This can be of particular concern to mamas with kinky haired kids.  I know I’ve personally struggled with getting my 5 year old niece to appreciate her big cloud like puff with enthusiasm.  However I noticed when I went from defending natural hair to going on the OFFENSE, she became much  more receptive to learning to love her locks.  Here are some of my favorite ways to teach a child to love their hair!

  • Read books about kids with natural hair! Bedtime stories are mandatory in most households with kiddies, so why not make it about something relevant? Each year there are more and more self affirming natural hair books are released but I”m especially partial to Happy to Be Nappy. Click this link and browse for a list of great book options on Amazon.

  • Encourage nappy hair confidence with themed clothing! As a child, I always aspired to have Rapunzel’s long blond hair in part because I was exposed to her image on a countless number of shirts, lunchboxes, and backpacks. Now that we have more options, our kids can enjoy their healthy coils just like Sesame Streets’ new natural puppet, Shirley:

Kiddies are also sure to love this bookbag which features the lovely afro puffed character Lela:  


  • Mix hair recipes together! Kids love helping out and allowing them to take more than a passive role in their grooming will instill a sense of pride in the appearance of their hair.  Setting aside an hour of time on the weekend to mix up new hair concoctions can also make for good mother/daughter bonding time.  An array of recipes are available at Styles101.


  • Natural hair dolls are always a great choice for our kids! There are a few good ones available now that range the gamut from tightly curled to locs. Read my earlier blog entry here for more information.

  • When you see naturals on television, make it a point to comment about how beautiful and versatile their hair is. I’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of naturals featured in the media, especially in commercials.  A simple stated opinion about an actress’ hair could open the door to a discussion about your daughter’s own feelings about her hair.
  • Buy special pieces to adorn your child’s hair! You can’t help but feel like a natural hair princess when you’ve got the right accessories to adorn your crowning glory. Click the image below to check out my shop’s kid sized headband, “La Soeurette.”


I hope this information was useful.  Good luck! 🙂


One Response to Teaching a Child to Love Their Natural Hair!

  1. sorrelle says:

    I bought this for myself. I love it anda year later I gave it to a friends biracial daughter knowing that she may not be too with her hair growing up. Here’s hoping that she not.

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