To Have & To Hold

Good news!

Etsy administration has hand picked my “Camille” design to be featured in their NYC wedding event, To Have & To Hold.

It sounds like such a fabulous affair…brides to be, wedding planners, and press getting an up close and personal view of some of Etsy’s best wedding products.

I’m so jelly – I can’t wait to start planning a handmade wedding of my own!

To learn more about the event, follow this link.


Naturally Curly Pool Party 2011

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Naturally Curly Pool Party here in NYC. As I understand it, it was the brainchild of Natural Selection‘s Cassadie and sponsored by Hair Rules, Shea Moisture, Ouidad, and the Jane Carter Solution.

In all honesty, this was without a doubt the best natural hair event I’ve ever attended. From the moment I entered the hotel for the bloggers’ event, it was all love and I was warmly greeted by the lovely Cassadie and other attendees. It was nearly 100 degrees that day and after schlepping an hour on the train from the Bronx to Times Square, I was ready to get my pool on! I stopped briefly to snack and schmooze at the seating area which featured the array of hors d’oeuvres including my favorite, sushiiiiii.

Once I entered the pool area I squealed – yes squealed – with delight. Dim purple mood lights, overhead projector showing the ocean, and poolside access to the bar…yeah this was going to be a fun. In addition, the music was bumpin! Every song seemed to be something I loved but hadn’t heard in ages!

I met Audrey of Miss Moon’s Musings and we were the first to get in the pool! Soon after, I spotted a curly beauty I’d seen at another event. I wanted to ask her if she’d be interested in modeling for me, but didn’t get the chance to. Luckily this time around we exchanged information and, if all goes well, you’ll see her in my shop soon.

On the top floor, there were various hair product demonstrations in progress courtesy of the sponsors. Dickey from Hair Rules was a delight as always. He’s such a nice approachable man, but I wonder between the salon and all the events he attends, does he ever sleep? That’s a hard working man, yall! lol

Shea Moisture offered a unique demonstration by letting girls try their sugar scrubs and massage oils in the shower and sauna. Smelled heavenly!

Unfortunately, I had to leave a little sooner than I would’ve liked because the boyfriend was waiting for me. I just had to write this quick post to let you know this event was a phenomenal success on NaturallyCurly’s part and I hope they continue to host more in the future.

PS – The goodie bag was no joke too, hehe.

– Chanel πŸ˜€