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I hadn’t even heard of before last week. The enormity of this kinda came to me in waves of realization. lol

When Erica Swallow contacted me by e-mail, I turned to my boyfriend and said, “Some girl wants to interview me for her website about how I use Twitter for my shop. How nice of her!”

Then I was like, “She wants me to come to their offices. They have offices?”

Him: “Where are the offices?”

Me: “Um..West 30 something.”

Him: “Huh. They must be kind of a big deal to have offices down there…”

After that I went to the Mashable site and figured out that this was more than a one woman operation lol. My boyfriend queries, “How many hits do they have?”

Me: “OMG – 9.7 million a month??”

Then it finally hit me: This was a big f*cking deal.

The morning of the interview I hadn’t slept much and there were a million reasons why I shouldn’t go:

‘I don’t have enough stats. Everyone there is more successful. My shoes are old.’ lol

I just prayed on it and forced myself to go anyway.

Everyone at there was very nice, especially Erica.Β  The other business owners gave great tips on how they effectively used Twitter to promote their businesses. Though my business is very small, I found that I did have important points to contribute to the conversation. Afterward, we stood around chatting, exchanging business cards, and even took this picture:

Alex Moskovitz, Lev Ekster, Chanel Huston, and Erica Swallow

Alex Moskovitz of @anforaNYC, Lev Ekster of @cupcakestop, me, and @ericaswallow at @MashableHQ

I was supposed to be helping people learn about Twitter through the article but from this experience I learned something important as well: Never to be beaten by intimidation! Sometimes you’ve got to push yourself out of your comfort zone to get things done.

The article is up on Mashable now for your reading enjoyment. It’s particularly useful for any of you Etsians out there who have questions about how to use Twitter for small business.