To Have & To Hold

Good news!

Etsy administration has hand picked my “Camille” design to be featured in their NYC wedding event, To Have & To Hold.

It sounds like such a fabulous affair…brides to be, wedding planners, and press getting an up close and personal view of some of Etsy’s best wedding products.

I’m so jelly – I can’t wait to start planning a handmade wedding of my own!

To learn more about the event, follow this link.


Naturally Curly Pool Party 2011

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Naturally Curly Pool Party here in NYC. As I understand it, it was the brainchild of Natural Selection‘s Cassadie and sponsored by Hair Rules, Shea Moisture, Ouidad, and the Jane Carter Solution.

In all honesty, this was without a doubt the best natural hair event I’ve ever attended. From the moment I entered the hotel for the bloggers’ event, it was all love and I was warmly greeted by the lovely Cassadie and other attendees. It was nearly 100 degrees that day and after schlepping an hour on the train from the Bronx to Times Square, I was ready to get my pool on! I stopped briefly to snack and schmooze at the seating area which featured the array of hors d’oeuvres including my favorite, sushiiiiii.

Once I entered the pool area I squealed – yes squealed – with delight. Dim purple mood lights, overhead projector showing the ocean, and poolside access to the bar…yeah this was going to be a fun. In addition, the music was bumpin! Every song seemed to be something I loved but hadn’t heard in ages!

I met Audrey of Miss Moon’s Musings and we were the first to get in the pool! Soon after, I spotted a curly beauty I’d seen at another event. I wanted to ask her if she’d be interested in modeling for me, but didn’t get the chance to. Luckily this time around we exchanged information and, if all goes well, you’ll see her in my shop soon.

On the top floor, there were various hair product demonstrations in progress courtesy of the sponsors. Dickey from Hair Rules was a delight as always. He’s such a nice approachable man, but I wonder between the salon and all the events he attends, does he ever sleep? That’s a hard working man, yall! lol

Shea Moisture offered a unique demonstration by letting girls try their sugar scrubs and massage oils in the shower and sauna. Smelled heavenly!

Unfortunately, I had to leave a little sooner than I would’ve liked because the boyfriend was waiting for me. I just had to write this quick post to let you know this event was a phenomenal success on NaturallyCurly’s part and I hope they continue to host more in the future.

PS – The goodie bag was no joke too, hehe.

– Chanel 😀

Curls & Couture Model Search Winner!

Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who submitted photos for our model search competition. I appreciate each one of you! Given all the beautiful applicants, it was a very hard decision (one that took me a few extra days lol).


Daphne! @UneAutreNaturel

Check our website again soon to see Daphne featured in new shots for our product line!

Curls & Couture: BDBandeaux Model Search!

Do you have love for curls and a passion for couture? Boutique De Bandeaux needs you to set it off!

We’re specifically looking for someone who has confidence, loves their natural hair, has a positive attitude, and is photogenic. Sound like you?

By submitting the application below, you’ll be in the running to by the star of our upcoming summer hair accessories shoot in NYC’s scenic Central Park this month. They’ll be a pro photographer, big hair, fabulous new pieces, and lots of fun! If you’re think you’re up for it, enter your responses in the application below and YOU could the new face of Boutique De Bandeaux.

To be eligible, all contestants must:

  • Be over the age of 21 and based in the NYC area.
  • Have natural curly or kinky hair that is devoid of relaxers or texturizers.
  • Understand all models will be required to sign a standard release form.
  • *This is an unpaid modeling assignment.

    Applications must be received by 6/19/2011 midnight EST.
    The winner will be notified within 1 day submission deadline. Good Luck!

    Natural Hair Bridal Headband

    E-mail any questions to Thanks!

Teaching a Child to Love Their Natural Hair!

In honor of Natural Hair Trending Day on Twitter, I thought this blog might help some natural bellas who are struggling to get their children to embrace their hair. As black women, we know how hard it is to maintain a healthy level of self esteem while a barrage of outside influences tell us we are not the standard of beauty.  This can be of particular concern to mamas with kinky haired kids.  I know I’ve personally struggled with getting my 5 year old niece to appreciate her big cloud like puff with enthusiasm.  However I noticed when I went from defending natural hair to going on the OFFENSE, she became much  more receptive to learning to love her locks.  Here are some of my favorite ways to teach a child to love their hair!

  • Read books about kids with natural hair! Bedtime stories are mandatory in most households with kiddies, so why not make it about something relevant? Each year there are more and more self affirming natural hair books are released but I”m especially partial to Happy to Be Nappy. Click this link and browse for a list of great book options on Amazon.

  • Encourage nappy hair confidence with themed clothing! As a child, I always aspired to have Rapunzel’s long blond hair in part because I was exposed to her image on a countless number of shirts, lunchboxes, and backpacks. Now that we have more options, our kids can enjoy their healthy coils just like Sesame Streets’ new natural puppet, Shirley:

Kiddies are also sure to love this bookbag which features the lovely afro puffed character Lela:  


  • Mix hair recipes together! Kids love helping out and allowing them to take more than a passive role in their grooming will instill a sense of pride in the appearance of their hair.  Setting aside an hour of time on the weekend to mix up new hair concoctions can also make for good mother/daughter bonding time.  An array of recipes are available at Styles101.


  • Natural hair dolls are always a great choice for our kids! There are a few good ones available now that range the gamut from tightly curled to locs. Read my earlier blog entry here for more information.

  • When you see naturals on television, make it a point to comment about how beautiful and versatile their hair is. I’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of naturals featured in the media, especially in commercials.  A simple stated opinion about an actress’ hair could open the door to a discussion about your daughter’s own feelings about her hair.
  • Buy special pieces to adorn your child’s hair! You can’t help but feel like a natural hair princess when you’ve got the right accessories to adorn your crowning glory. Click the image below to check out my shop’s kid sized headband, “La Soeurette.”


I hope this information was useful.  Good luck! 🙂

Black Friday Sale 2010!

Blue Beaded Headband for Natural Hair
We could all use a deal this holiday season, so to accommodate I’m having a blow out sale this Black Friday through Cyber Monday!


You can expect to see the discounted prices starting at 6:00 am 11/26/10 and ending on 11/30/10 at 12:00 am.  Save while you can – this is our biggest sale of the year!

Celebrity Swagger Jackin’: M.I.A.

Making treasuries on Etsy is like a form of therapy for me.  Once I realized I could express my affinity for fashion through them, I decided to start sharing them on this blog. “Swagger Jackin'” is my new series of treasuries focusing on achieving fashion forward celebrity styles.  We can fabulous AND still support the handmade movement!

For the first installment of this series the spotlight is on Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A.  Her music is an exotic mashup of hip-hop, electronic, and reggae.  Naturally, her look is as just eclectic, combining crazy loud 90’s prints and neon bright colors with urban sensibilities. Cop her style on Etsy or just be inspired via this awesome collection 🙂


Swagger Jackin': M.I.A.