Crystal, The Smiling.


What a knockout! This photo comes courtesy of Crystal Parham of the Bronx, right here in New York City! In a candid photo snapped by an unnamed wedding guest, I see this bride and her husband are pleased as punch to begin their next phase of life. The beads on Crystal’s gown are just stunning and set off her Boutique De Bandeaux headband perfectly.

Wishing many happy years to Crystal and her Mister, and thanking them so very much for sharing their special day.

Would you like to share a photo of yourself wearing a Boutique De Bandeaux piece? Send your photo via email to with the subject header ‘Customer Photos.’ I’ll gladly feature you here on the blog!

– Chanel


Taj, The Radiant

Taj 2 Taj 1

I was absolutely floored by these customer pictures from Taj in Washington.

After ordering a headband for her wedding ceremony early this month, she was kind enough to share these with me.  She looks so pretty!  I’m really in love with the bohemian theme, from her dress to the cake.  Her smile is radiant, hence the title…and I have to say, I believe the Camille headband is especially becoming on her.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much photos much as I did.

Thanks Taj!