Nappy Dolls

While doing some fall cleaning yesterday, I found myself rummaging through my five year old niece’s toy box. She has dolls of all colors, but strangely, every single one she owns has bone straight waist length hair.  I don’t have anything at all against straight hair, but I know she consider these dolls to be beautiful. Does that mean she will begin to equate straight swinging hair with beauty? What implications does this have about how she will view her own cottony hair?

I set off on a mission to find her a few  dolls with with twas, big afros, and locs for our next visit together.  I had no idea what I was up against.  Apparently even Angelina Jolie can’t find kinky hair dolls for her daughter, Zahara. However, after searching the depths of the internet, I was really excited to find a few gems to share with my natural sisters!  Hopefully, this list of  dolls will help some of you in teaching your girls to appreciate their hair too.

Doll with Locs from TheFlyingEwe

Custom Dreds Dolls from TheFlyingEwe

Dolls with Natural Hair from Ethidolls

Makeda and Queen Mother from Ethidolls

Afro Hair Dolls from LoveMamaDolls

"FuChica" & "Punky" from LoveMamaDolls

Natural Hair Dolls by Tabloach

Various Natural Hair Dolls by Tabloach

Niya Afro Hair Doll

"Niya" Doll from

Natural Hair Afro Doll

Imani by Kerusso

Youtuber Tori F. has a video compilation of dolls and the information about where to buy them:

I’m placing my orders now and I’ll be sure to update to tell you how it went!