Front Page, Baby!

We made the front page of Etsy yesterday!!

I was actually on the beach in Atlantic City when I got a convo from a friend on my phone about it. I was hopping up and down, but then I realized I had no way of print screening it. One tweet later and courtesy of my awesome pals, I had a few screen captures of it plus a link to Craftcult‘s archived version.


Boutique De Bandeaux on Etsy's Front Page

Our first front page feature!

In my inbox, I received a lot of compliments and praise about my site. It’s so nice to hear encouraging words like that, especially when you consider that someone actually took time out their day to write them to you. I even got a few offers for a blog feature & over 600 views to the shop!

If you’re interested in the headband in question, “La Femme” is still available for purchase here:


Headband for Thick, Curly, & Natural Hair

"La Femme" headband by Boutique De Bandeaux